Ebook Survey

I could use some help. I am writing an ebook called How to Support Someone Fighting Cancer.  After my son was diagnosed with cancer at 5-weeks-old, my family and I embarked on what I have come to call the cancer-fighting life.  I have found that even though many people mean well, they don’t know how to truly support a person or family dealing with this. Some say things that are not helpful, others get discouraged because they don’t know how to help. To be honest, before going through it, I would not have known how to properly support someone going through this type of crisis. As a blogger my reaction is, of course, to write about it! I am currently working on an e-book, just a short guide for friends, family, support systems, to better understand the needs of those going through a long term medical crisis.

I believe that many people going through this feels the same way, but I also know our experiences are also unique in their own ways. Even though the e-book will just touch the surface and will be pretty short, I want to make sure this book is as helpful and accurate as possible. I would appreciate any help and feedback you would like to give by filling out the survey below.

Feel free to contact me directly with any questions or feedback at


Thank you!


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