Everyone likes to blame the President.


“A president is at any given moment a panacea, a target, a butt of jokes, a politician, a boss, a son of a gun, an inspired leader. Herblock, in his book Here and Now, related a joke about everyone blaming FDR for their ills. He wrote, ‘Back in the 30’s there was a story about a man who went to the race track on his 55th birthday, traveled in car number 55, and found that his room in the hotel near the track was number 55. Knowing a red-hot hunch when he had one, he bet everything he had on the fifth horse in the fifth race, a steed named Five-By-Five. He watched his horse break in front, increase its lead at the quarter, and stay ahead until the stretch, where it was nosed out just under the wire. The hunch bettor stared darkly at the finish line as he tore up his tickets and muttered, ‘Damn that man Roosevelt!’.”

Nothing ever changes.